Workplace Injuries

Ready to Recover from Your Work-related Injury? Physical Therapy can Aid in the Recovery Process of work-related injuries.

Return to Work with the Help of Physical Therapy?

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Physical therapy plays a crucial role in helping people recover from their work injuries, especially since treatment plans are often covered under workers’ compensation insurance.


Injuries at work can cause physical, mental and financial problems, especially if you do not know how long recovery will last.


Because of this, it is essential to consult with a physical therapist as soon as possible to get started on the proper rehabilitation plan for your needs. Contact our Myrtle Beach, SC, physical therapy office today to get started.

How will physical therapy help with my work injury?

Physical therapy is effective in treating injuries quickly and effectively in all age groups.


This is a natural, quick and easy way to recover from an accident. In many cases, it also eliminates the need for harmful drugs or surgeries.


At Trinity, we advanced treatments methods to relieve pain, improve mobility and improve overall health.


Your physical therapist will create a personalized treatment plan for your specific needs, in addition to helping you with techniques for proper performance while on the job to avoid further injury in the future.

Why did I experience a work injury?

An injury at work can be defined as an injury or illness that you experience while an employee is at work. Many workplaces can form dangerous situations, including nursing, construction or police work.


Even office work can cause work-related injuries, as prolonged sitting in one position can have a detrimental effect on your body.


People who work in offices or factories are also prone to repetitive motion injuries due to their jobs requiring constant repetition.


If you happen to get hurt at work, it is essential to seek treatment as soon as possible, as almost any type of injury left untreated may become more severe over time.

Did you sustain one of these work injuries?

There are several specific causes and types of work injuries.


Some of the most common include:

Auto accidents

If you work in a workplace that requires the use of a car, a car accident is also a possibility to cause injury. Work-related automobile accidents can result in injuries ranging from mild cuts and abrasions to broken bones and severe whiplash. Physiotherapy can help you recover from a vehicle accident by reducing pain and inflammation and restoring your posture.

Sprains and strains

Strains and Sprains can occur all over the body and affect the ligaments and tendons. These can occur from trauma, such as falling off a ladder or repetitive motions. They may also occur due to improper use of the equipment. In any case, Trinity Physiotherapy can help you reduce or eliminate pain in a damaged tendon or ligament.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel disease occurs when the nerve in hand is crushed, usually due to repeated movements. The most common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are typing and assembly line work. According to Harvard Health, treatment for this disease should be sought as soon as possible to prevent long-term muscle damage. Physiotherapy programs can include gentle exercises to strengthen the muscles of the arms and hands and stretches to improve flexibility.


Tendinitis develops through repetitive motions and excessive overuse of particular body parts. Symptoms typically include tenderness, pain, and swelling. This condition most commonly occurs in the knees, elbows, and shoulders and can be corrected with physical therapy.

Back pain

Back pain is the most commonly reported source of pain, and several work-related activities can cause it. For example, prolonged absence from work, such as sitting at a desk all day, can cause back pain. On the other hand, back forces, such as lifting heavy objects, often with poor mechanics, can also cause back pain. Spinal cord injury is often the result of incorrect or twisting the back incorrectly, especially when lifting. If you have back pain, MoveForwardPT says that early physical therapy is a cost-effective treatment option.

Find relief for your work injury today

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If you are injured at work, contact Trinity Physiotherapy Center today to make an appointment and begin the first steps in your treatment plan. We’ll work with your worker’s compensation caseworker to help you recover quickly and get you back to your routine!