Sciatica & Back Pain Relief

For back pain or Sciatica, you can get physiotherapy for Sciatica and back pain in Trinity.

Physiotherapy for Sciatica and Back Pain in Canada| Trinity Rehab

If you have back pain or Sciatica, do not rely on medications that help to hide the pain. In many cases, psychiatric and back pain physical therapy can eliminate the need for painkillers such as opioids or aggressive surgery.


According to the study, “Back pain is the most common pain in the country, and one in four Canadians has had back pain in the past three months. The Trinity team will find the root of the problem and provide lasting relief.


If you wake up in the morning with back pain or notice chronic pain in your buttock, back or thighs, the Trinity team will help you find relief via physical therapy for Sciatica and back pain.


Although back pain and Sciatica are similar, they are still different and often confusing. Back pain is most prominent in the upper, middle or lower limbs. Sciatica has a more comprehensive pain that spreads to the shoulders, hips and even legs.


Radiculopathy, tingling sensation, stiffness, burning or sharp pain may also occur on certain parts of the legs. It is often associated with a herniated disc or muscle strain in the area where the spinal cord extends.


Treating back pain and Sciatica with physical therapy

Although back pain can come and go, it is essential to treat it now. It can also lead to poor joint function, weakness and muscle imbalance, leading to unnecessary injuries in the future.


The first step in your physical therapy treatment is to focus on eliminating the pain quickly. After that, the therapist will expand your treatment to strengthen muscle groups with unique exercises and techniques.


This will help to improve your strength and mobility to prevent spinal cord injuries. Our therapists offer you ergonomic methods for spinal cord pain during daily activities, such as sitting at a desk or in the car.


To treat Sciatica, physical therapists will provide your treatment plan with a unique implementation to relax the Sciatica. It restores natural health and quickly reduces symptoms.


Back pain and sciatica can be treated with physical therapy. The Trinity team will create a treatment plan tailored to you based on your diagnosis.


So, why am I experiencing back pain or Sciatica?

Back pain often increases due to injury. This can be due to repeated movements, such as multiple leaning over the day to pick up a toddler, or severe and sudden shocks, such as a car accident.


Conditions such as a herniated disc can also cause severe pain and cause radiculopathy pain in the hip or leg. Degenerative disc disease is a common condition that can cause back pain as we get older. People with this disease often report mild pain, low back pain and difficulty standing or walking for long periods of time.


Sciatica is technically known as “lumbar radiculopathy.” People with this disease are aged 30-50 years. Sciatica can develop into several types of injuries, including damage to the chest, bones or other muscles.


We often find that people lose balance in the hip and pelvis, which causes the buttocks and muscles to expand. It changes the mechanics of the spine and forces these cells to pass through the tissues.


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