Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy

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Did You Know Physical Rehabilitation Could Benefit You Even Before Your Surgery?

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Many people participate in pre-operative physical rehabilitation as part of their recovery plan, contributing to the healing process.


However, there are also several benefits to completing a pre-surgical rehabilitation plan.


Do you have any actions planned in the near future? Naturally, you are a little worried about the course of the operation or the period of recovery.

How can I start physical rehabilitation before Surgery?

Pre-surgical rehabilitation is known to provide a variety of benefits to patients undergoing Surgery. By consulting one of our Trinity healthcare professionals, you can decide which treatment plan is best for you.


Starting a pre-surgical rehabilitation program means that you can create good practices that you are familiar with before Surgery and that you can incorporate into your rehabilitation for better results.


If you are as strong, flexible and healthy as possible, you can quickly return to normal after Surgery.

What should I know about pre-surgery physical therapy?

It’s no secret that preparing for Surgery can make you anxious, but a recovery plan can make you feel better.


Pre-surgical rehabilitation has often been recommended for Surgery by surgeons because it can improve the patient’s response. Studies have shown that the start of medical treatment about a month before the Surgery can accelerate recovery.


A recovery plan for Surgery will help you prepare yourself physically and mentally for the next path.

How can I benefit from a pre-surgical physical rehabilitation plan?

According to the National Institutes of Health, participating in pre-surgery training can improve your postoperative performance and shorten your recovery.


Surgery can adversely affect your body; therefore, this is usually done when there is no other option.


Physical rehabilitation improves your mobility with exercises you can do before and after surgery to speed up your recovery time.


Pre-surgical physical rehabilitation helps to improve strength and promote pre-surgery pain relief, as it prepares your body for the process. It can also help you prepare yourself spiritually, promote a sense of health.


In general, pre-surgical physical rehabilitation will help you improve your physical health and promote your overall health.

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Physical therapy Before Surgery

At the end of the elbow, the sac is filled with a fluid called “bursa,” which acts as an elbow bone or “ulna.” If this bursa is narrowed due to injury or repeated movements, it can cause pain and inflammation. For this reason, it is common to see situations among athletes and students.

1. Increases stamina

No matter what Surgery you need, there is always a loss of strength after treatment. However, the Trinity team helps to reduce weight loss by increasing your strength before Surgery. Exercise training improves your overall strength and makes the operation easier.

2. Improves outcomes

The pre-physical rehabilitation by the Trinity team can improve the overall success of the Surgery and even help save money if all goes well. The stronger you are before surgery, the more effective the operation.

3. Shortens recovery

By taking the Pre-physical rehabilitation by the Trinity team before the Surgery, your period of recovery will go much smoother than it would without the physical therapy treatments. Having strong muscles before Surgery helps you get back to normal habits.

4. Reduces complications

Regardless of the cause of your Surgery, the Trinity team can reduce pain with a physical rehabilitation program. This can be done using various methods, including exercise, massage or ice/heat treatment, and electrotherapy.

5. Reduces pain

No matter what your surgery may be for, Team Trinity can help reduce your pain through Pre-physical rehabilitation program. This can be done through a variety of methods, including exercise, massage, or ice / heat therapies and electrotherapies.

6. Gives the possibility of avoiding surgery

If rehabilitation treatment from the Trinity rehabilitation team can help improve pain and overall health, it may be good to avoid Surgery altogether. In some patients, pre-surgical therapy treatment came as a surprise and was sufficient to reduce the pain to exclude the operation. If your condition starts to improve significantly after starting physical therapy, you may want to talk to your physician about future treatment options and how to avoid Surgery.