Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

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Have You Been Involved in a Car Accident? Team Trinity Can Help You Find Relief

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Team Trinity is trained and experienced healthcare professionals in car accident injury recovery and has the tools to help you recover from all types of motor vehicle injuries.

Have you been involved in a car accident? If so, Team Trinity can help provide the relief you need to start feeling better.

Team Trinity and auto accident relief

You may experience pain, reduced mobility, headaches or stiffness after an accident.


There are many reasons for physical recovery after an accident, as it supports the recovery process and can also prevent long-term damage caused by accidents, including migraines and chronic pain.


Remember that not all symptoms can occur after a car accident. The Trinity team can help you keep pain symptoms at bay, improve your cognitive ability, increase endurance and recover faster.


After treatment with the Trinity team, you are more likely to have a pain-free life. In fact, a study in Medscape found that those who did not recover usually were more likely to have a mild skin disease.

Special benefits of post-accident physical rehabilitation include:

Avoiding Surgery

The Trinity team will also help you avoid surgery. Physical rehabilitation strengthens ligaments, tendons and muscles that impact the physique. It is also a more cost-effective solution.

Curing Vertigo

The Trinity team can cure dizziness due to a car accident. With just one treatment, they can correct abnormalities in the vestibular system.

Restoring Function

Team Trinity can also recover the functions of seriously injured patients with old car accidents, even if you have not been in one yet. You can still benefit from physical therapy, even if you have been injured for many years. Using cardiovascular rehabilitation and strength training can help reduce previous pain and improve mobility. It is not an invasive treatment, and you do not have to rely on painkillers to get rid of it.

Reducing Pain

Physiotherapy helps reduce pain. Therapeutic exercises push oxygen, blood and nutrients to the injured area and improve healing. Each exercise and instruction from our therapist has the specific goal of restoring and improving function and mobility. The Trinity team will develop a unique treatment plan that addresses the vehicle’s injuries.


Types of physical rehabilitation used to treat injuries caused by traffic accidents include physical therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, manual and electrotherapy, special training, muscle strengthening and aquatic therapy.


The Trinity team takes a holistic approach to repair injuries caused by traffic accidents.


The Trinity team can also provide pulmonary rehabilitation, neuro therapy, cardiac, orthopedic and postoperative care.


Did you sustain one of these injuries?

Head and back injuries from a car wreck are typically the most serious. Head injuries can cause visual disturbances, skull fractures and concussions, resulting in headaches and migraines.


Another common injury in traffic accidents is a herniated disk. Neck and chest injuries are also familiar, with whiplash being the most common accident injury.


Whiplash can be painful and restrict movement. Sudden movements between the neck and the head in a car accident can cause whiplash. Blunt force injuries can cause inflammation of the lungs and ribs.


In fact, road accidents can cause various types of injuries. For a quick recovery, it is best to get physical recovery at Trinity Rehab & Wellness.


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